As Capital EA MT5

How to install

How to use

How to optimize

“As Capital EA MT5”

This is the EA based on the indicator “As Capital Line” .

NO Hedging To maximize profit this EA can open 3 trades per signal. using diferent strategies on each.
First one is from signal to next signal. Second one is using a trailing stopThird is with a fixed take profit.
You can enable or disable the trade you want or even enable just one direction.  You can manually close any trade without afecting the EA.


Activate Buy 1   //——–To enable long trades for operation 1

Activate Sell 1   //——–To enable short trades for operation 1

Activate Buy 2   //——–To enable long trades for operation 2

Activate Sell 2   //——–To enable short trades for operation 2

Activate Buy 3   //——–To enable long trades for operation 3

Activate Sell 3   //——–To enable short trades for operation 3

Periods “As Capital Line”   //—-Settings for the Indicator

Factor “As Capital Line”    //—-Settings for the Indicator

Trailing_Stop Operation 2 (points)  //——–number of points that the operation must be in positive  to start with the Trailing stop

MinAdjustment Operation 2 (points)  //——- minimum points required to move the stop loss

TP Operation 3  (Pips) //—–pips to take profit for operation 3

LOT size Operation 1  //—- Lot size for trade 1

LOT size Operation 2  //—- Lot size for trade 2

LOT size Operation 3  //—- Lot size for trade 3

LOT step 1 & 2 & 3   //—- Lot step for trade 1,2 and 3

Lot step is the amount of lot that will be added to each of the operations when operation 1 ends with loss. if you disable operation 1 the lot step will have no effect. if you do not want to increase the size of the lot after a loss set LOT step in 0.   Lot step only increase your lot size ones and keep this value untill a profit appears.

Do not worry if you do not see Stop Loss for operations 1 and 3 because the Stop Loss is virtual. operation 2  have physical  Stop loss becase of the Trailing stop but when you do not have it is virtual according to the As Capita Line indicator.

The configuration is very important for the success of your operations therefore we attach some images of results with the appropriate configurations.

This software continuously analyzes itself to detect weak points and improve, and the team of developers also works continuously to maintain and increase the effectiveness of operations. updates will be continually being uploaded.

Every time the program opens an operation in the comments of this will appear something like -As Capital EA-M15-b-1   this mean -EA name-TimeFrame- buy or sell- operation 1 or 2 or 3.


  1. When you are using the EA on your computer it should stay on and with an internet connection all the time unless you pay a vps server.
  2. ones you set the EA on a Symbol and TimeFrame please do NOT change the Symbol, Timeframe or any other parameter this may cause that the EA dont work as expected.