Optimize PRO

As Capital PRO Optimization

To optimize lets open strategy tester window.

Select As Capital PRO , symbol and Period that you want to optimize.

We will use “Open prices only” model this will make process run faster.

Now we will select as date last 2 months for H1 Period selected.

Lets open Expert Properties for more settings.


On Testing tab

We select an account balance on the account to test the EA.

Also uncheck genetic algorithm.


On Inputs Tab

We need to mark the box for periods & factors. also we set Start, Step and Stop value as shown.

We can set a risk. lower value here means more risk.


Now Check Optimization box.

We are ready Click start and lets wait to the process to complete.

It migth take some minutes.


Metatrader will show us a list with good configurations to use.

Lets test the one that give us more profit.¬† with right click on it select “set input parameters”.


After simulation is complete we can see preformance graph.

We ensure that this settings is stable and consistently increasing balance 

Now we can use this settings on this time frame and symbol.